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News : World Skill Competition (WSC) 2013, LEIPZIQ, Germany





UniKL MFI Involvement in WSC


The university's involvement started in January 2012 when two UniKL MFI academic staff were appointed as the National EXPERT in their respective fields.  The appointed experts were:


1) Mrs. Junita Bt Mohd Said from  Fabrication &Joining (F &J) Section who was appointed as the National EXPERT in the field of Mechanical Engineering Design - CAD



2) Mr. Mohd Zaki B. Mohamed from Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACnR) Section who was appointed as the National EXPERT in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.



As the appointed experts, their  tasks were to develop and plan the training schedule, to prepare the questions and exercises, to ensure the high standards of competition that could be understood and practiced. They also became  occasional coaches and involved in monitoring and evaluating theparticipants during the training period. Their responsibility was carried out  before, during and after the competition.

During the competition, the experts were required to hold their responsibility with high integrity, make amendments to the question, if necessary, translate the test project to the participants in Malay language, whenever necessary, and to assess the participants during the competition.  

The main objectives of staff involvement as Experts in WSC are:


1) To encourage the cooperation between UniKL, governments agencies, industries and other national training agencies through the exchange of methods, technologies and manufacturing processes and services that are practiced in the training institutions in the respective countries.  
2) To gain further insight and put the World Skills competition standard into practice. The standards can be applied and practiced in UniKL especially in practical subjects and Final Year Project.  
3) To gain experience and information on the asessment criteria  in order to be applied  during the competition.  
4) As as references or benchmark to the level of learning and skills training in UniKL  
5) To increase the level of confidence from the government and individuals from other countries in the existing expertise in UniKL. With this confidence, opportunities for technical collaboration or trainings can be established with UniKL.  
6) To set up  a Center of Excellence at all campuses of UniKL. UniKL MFI has been appointed as the Center of Excellence for the field of Mechanical Engineering Design -CAD and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by the Ministry of Public Works.  
World Skill Competition (WSC) is the highest level of skills competition held every two years. It is a platform to measure the skill level of the youth, skilled labor and skills trainers in order to set a benchmark for developed countries. WSC aims to promote skills training and technology as well as provide exposure to the competitors, coaches and experts from around the world and to promote the latest technology and to recognize youth in various skills. Through this skill competition, the quality of skills training curriculum can also be increased in line with the latest requirements of the industry. The country can produce skilled workers and world-class teaching expertise. In addition to this, the WSC is viewed as a platform for exchanging and comparing the skills of international standards in the industry.  
WSC was formerly known as The International Youth Olympic Skills (IYSO) that has started in Spain since 1946. Since 1993, Malaysia has been accepted as a member of the International Vocational Training Organisation (IVTO) which was later renamed as WorldSkill International.  

The main objectives of WSC


1) To promote the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of technology and vocational;  
2) To collect and exploit information relating to the level of world-class skills;  
3) To provide the motivation and encouragement to the young professional group;  
4) To provide an opportunity for institutions for vocational training from around the world to exchange information, views and foster relationships  

Participation in WSC



Malaysia's participation in  WSC will give a big impact on the achievement of skills training. The agenda for the participation are asfollow;


I) Capable of changing society's negative perception on skills training;  
II) Prove to the public that Malaysia is able to compete in the competition at world level;  
III) Test capability, competency, attitudes and skills in the fields of skills contested;  
IV) Test the ability and commitment of the appointed coaches and experts in providing training, exposure to knowledge, commitment and skills to success.  

Participation of Malaysian in WSC



Malaysian contingent at WSC normally include the contingent leader, the national expert, the translator, technical officer, the official observer, the team leader and the participant. 53 skills areas were competed by Malaysian contigent for in WSC 2013. The skills were divided into 6 main categories;


i) Transportation and logistics  
ii) Construction and building technology  
iii) Manufacturing and engineering technology  
iv) Information and communication technology  
v) Creative arts and fashion  
vi) Social and Personal services  

Skill areas competed by Malaysian Contingent


1) Mechanical Engineering Design-CAD; Manufacturing and engineering technology  
2) Welding; Manufacturing and engineering technology  
3) Wall and Floor Tiling; Construction and building technology  
4) Plumbing and Heating; Construction and building technology  
5) Electronics; Manufacturing and engineering technology  
6) Electrical Installations; Construction and building technology  
7) Cabinetmaking; Construction and building technology  
8) Hairdressing; Social and Personal services  
9) Fashion Technology: Creative arts and fashion  
10) Automobile Technology; Transportation and logistics  
11) Cooking; Social and Personal services  
12) Restaurant Service; Social and Personal services  
13) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Construction and building technology  
14) IT Network Systems Administration: Information and communication technology  

Achievement for WSC Laipzig 2013



National participants who were trained for WSC 2013 are;



1) Mohd Faizal Abdul Malik – was an ex-student of IKM Jasin under MARA agency. He was the silver medalist of National Competition in 2010 and represented the National to Asean Skills Competition 2011 in Jakarta and won a silver medal. Out of 22 countries that competed in WSC 2013, he was ranked 13th with a score of 495.00/600 points.


2) Aizat Mohd Shaari - was an ex-student of ILP, Kepala Batas under JTM agency. He won the silver medal in the National Competition in 2010 and represented the National to Asean Skills Competition 2011 in Jakarta and won a silver medal. Out of 23 countries that competed in WSC 2013, he was ranked 12th with an overall score of 512.00/600 points. He has qualified to receive the Medallion for Excellence Award.  


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