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News : Universiti Kuala Lumpur Long Service Award 2015

PUTRAJAYA, 30 October – University Kuala Lumpur recently hosted the Long Service Award 2015 in recognition of their staffs at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel on 30 October 2015. A total of 208 staffs were honoured with 141 staffs receiving the 10 year award, 41 staffs receiving 15 years award and 26 staffs receiving the 20 years award.
The award ceremony was also graced by the presence of the Director General of MARA, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad and the top management of UniKL. The award ceremony was a nostalgic event bringing together many old friends in reminiscence of the memories, many who have been together since the beginning of the university. This is the second such event after the President Executive Meeting (PEM) approved of the award in September 2014, the year the first ceremony was held.
The ceremony was made even more memorable as the President and Chief Executive Officer of UniKL, Yang Berbahagia Prof. Dato' Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su'ud was also one of the recipient of the Long Service Award for his 20 years' service. In his welcoming address to the guests for the night, Prof. Dato' Dr. Mazliham mused over how he decided to leave a Multinational Company as a young engineer to further his studies under the MARA Scholarship, bonded without knowing what the future holds until he was placed at Malaysian France Institute (MFI).
"Certainly, through these years, we have witnessed and been part of UniKL's expansion and it is your loyalty, dedication and commitment that have made it possible. Each and every one of us regardless of our positions and areas of expertise, has a significant role to the university and we are part of the university's most valuable asset that is the human capital. I sincerely hope that the award will serve as motivation for us to continue serving UniKL in the many years to come," says Prof Dr Mazliham.
Meanwhile Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad in his recognition speech to the staffs focused on the future and what is needed to make UniKL a great university, "As part of the UniKL family, we must also understand the education model brought forward by MARA. We must not only focus on producing outputs, but also creating outcomes. To date, we have produced more than 30,000 graduates but we must focus on is our ability to realise the outcome of the nation. We have to put the right values and character development in our teaching and education process. Having said that, I wish to stress that UniKL must also give the staffs opportunities to increase their capacity and capability, both by training or even further studies."
The night continued in grandeur as award recipients each received a certificate, a plague and token of appreciation from the University for their dedication and commitment throughout the years. Guests were also entertained by UniKL Voice in a medley of songs from the yesteryears. The highlight of the event includes a special performance by Hazama, who rendition of his famous song items kept the crowd entertained into the night.

The UniKL Voice entertaining the guests with their rendition of songs from the past.

"We hope that the Loyal Service Award will also serve as a motivation to junior staff of UniKL or those who have newly joined us in UniKL to follow the footsteps of those with long years of service," Yang Berbahagia Prof. Dato' Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su'ud.

"The three important components in any education institution, the management, the teaching force i.e the lecturers and also the students, must work in sync to create success," Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad.

Yang Berbahagia Prof. Dato' Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su'ud receving his Loyal Service Award having joined UniKL 20 years ago from Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad.

Reported by:
Mohamed Zamir Anuar Bashah 
Corporate Communication Department

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