Audit General Information

a) Audit Charter
  1. Conduct audits in accordance to the professional standards set
  2. Prepare audit reports or observations with accurate, clear and easy to understand format
  3. Provide inputs and recommendations for improvements;
  4. Carry out Follow-up audit on the audit findings, and
  5. Issue audit reports within a month after completion of audits.
b) Main Type of Audits Performed
  1. Compliance audit– Noncompliance to Policy and Procedure or breach of rules
  2. Management/Performance audit – Assessment of management practice and processes & maintenance of assets
  3. Investigative audit – Assessment of unusual or suspicious activity, Pre/Investigative Audit
c) Audit Concerns
  1. Resources are safeguarded against waste, loss, and misuse
  2. Operations are efficient and effective
  3. Specific management objectives are achieved
  4. Financial and performance reports are reliable
  5. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  6. Operations  are improved  with added value
d) Audit Rating
Audit ratings are issued to the audit clients based on the followings.



4 Star

Overall performance exceeds the expected level

3 Star

Overall performance meets the expected level

2 Star

Overall performance sometimes not meeting the expected level

No Star

Overall performance frequently below expected levels/ unacceptable



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