UniKL Mace are the ceremonial mace specially for convocation that used as a symbol of authority and prestige, as in the House of Knowledge. Universiti Kuala Lumpur has three maces:


The Chancellor Mace
The CHANCELLOR MACE symbolises the strength and excellence of Malaysians. Its motifs are a combination of modern and traditional designs. These motifs represent development which is in tandem with technological advancement. The traditional motive symbolises the important role played by the nation in the development of regional and global knowledge.
The shape of the mace signifies that knowledge develops in stages before the pinnacle of success is achieved. The mace also represents our concerted effort and true intention to develop technical knowledge for the good of mankind.

The President Mace

The PRESIDENT MACE symbolises UniKL as a receptacle of knowlege in various fields of study. UniKL upholds the independence of learning to promote the practical utilisation of knowledge and to encourage the generation of original and innovative ideas. The concerted and sincere effort of lecturers to educate and mould their students will help UniKL achieve its aspiration to produce knowledgeable and skilled graduates

The Student Mace
The STUDENT MACE is a mace which symbolises the students who pursue knowledge systematically with perseverance for the good of mankind. It also symbolises a society which is highly honoured and respected. The mace symbolises an institution of higher learning which is capable of moulding disciplined students who are admired for their mastery of knowledge.



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