Student Development

UniKL prioritise its students as its most valuable asset. Hence, we provide various interactive courses to ensure our students' development. Throughout its establishment, UniKL has conducted many programmes to enhance the development of its students. This programmes is to ensure that students will be equipped with relevant skills and be market-ready to face the challenging working environment in the future. For example, the Short Semester Programmes to exposed students to develop their entrepreneurial skills.


In affirming its determination to become the premier entrepreneurial technical university, UniKL setup its own One-Stop Entrepreneurial Information Center or 'Pusat Setempat Informasi Keusahawanan' PASTIKU.


Short Semester Programme (KUBU/PPSU/KKU)

UniKL Student Affairs Department is organising a Short Semester Programme. In parallel with UniKL effort to produce excellent graduates in both academic and characteristics, the Towering Personality programme will be introduced during the Short Semester Programme. This programme will be embedded into students' academic session as part of their development programme. The Short Semester Programme will focus more on the development of students' leadership, creativity, and innovation along with the essential elements of entrepreneurship. In envisioning the mission and vision of the university, students are equipped with both theory and technical education to ensure that UniKL graduates are able to establish a sound business entity. Therefore, this programme will cater this purpose by providing practical courses and activities to be benefited by students. This programme is also designed to assess students' conception on the entrepreneurship elements. This program is excluded for students who undergo Industrial Training (INTRA) and student with 'KP' status. UniKL would like to encourage all students to participate in this programme which will commence in the coming Short Semester. The concept of SSP is divided into 3 categories as below;


Kem Usahawan Bestari UniKL (KUBU)
This program is compulsory for all semester 1 and 2 students. Students will be exposed more on the fundamental and basic knowledge of entrepreneurship. They will be taught on how to prepare 'Rancangan Perniagaan RP' or Business Plan. The students also will be given a product for selling. The program will take 6 weeks.

Program Pembangunan Siswa UniKL (PPSU)
This program is encouraged for semester 3, 4, 5, and 7 students. Students are required to choose two programmes (minimum). They are allowed to participate in programmes organised by other UniKL branches for their convenience.

Karnival Kerjaya UniKL (KKU)
This programme focuses on final year students only. The objective of this program is to ensure that all final year students are ready to face the challenges in work environment. Therefore, students will be exposed with programmes such as resume preparation, self-grooming, career fair and etc. Students are also encouraged to submit their resume to the University for record purposes and also to assist them in finding suitable job. At the end of the SSP, students will be evaluated on their performance. A proper assessment scheme will be given to the students.



Residents have access to a range of recreational and academic facilities. The Fellow or residential staff are available to assist and advise students during semester periods and each college conducts its own social and cultural program. (Click HERE for detail)

The Library and Information Resources Centre

The Library and Information Resources Centre at Universiti Kuala Lumpur provides learning resources and services to support the university's teaching and research program. The services and facilities have been designed to integrate contemporary technology with traditional information resources. All functions are fully automated using the Integrated Library Management Utilities, ILMU. Library users can access the Web Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for bibliographic search and loan status information of library materials via the Internet. It is equipped with a growing range of printed, electronic and audiovisual reference materials to support the work and research by students and academic staff. The Library recognises the importance of library and research skills and runs a number of information programs and training sessions throughout the year to assist students in utilizing the library services effectively for their research. UniKL Library develops and maintains wide-ranging resources to support the teaching and research activities of the University. The library has a total collection of 51,004 (for all branch campuses) and 15,280 at City Campus.

Newspapers and Leisure Reading Materials

Besides Online-library, UniKL library also equipped the students with the most up-to-date reading materials not only subject to the related disciplines but also general reading material to enrich student's broad-spectrum knowledge. UniKL library subscribes to a number of national newspapers such as those written in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Besides that, various leisure and informative magazines are available for users; books, acts, directories, term books, atlases, gazetteers etc.

Classrooms, Lecture Halls and Workshops

The classrooms are fully air-conditioned and classes are held in small groups of not more than 20 students. The air-conditioned lecture halls are able to accommodate about 250 students at one time. Workshops are also provided for the various programmes and the ratio of machine to students is 1:2 (Click HERE for detail)


Information System Services

The Information System Services department at Universiti Kuala Lumpur provides access to a wide range of IT facilities. These include access to internet, email and PC labs with the latest high technology including WIFI. IT and multimedia studios available in UniKL are testament to UniKL's commitment to excellent. The department also provides a range of support and training services to help members of the university make the most of the computer facilities. UniKL also endow with E-Cities website (especially design for the internal student) provides the most updated, fast and 24 hours easy access to facilitate the student life at UniKL.

Sports & Recreation

Besides UniKL believes in the holistic approach of creating an all rounder individual. The sports and recreation facilities (indoor and outdoor) in UniKL allow the students to explore their creativity and potential be it in the form of arts of sports. Besides enjoying our fully equipped gymnasium, UniKL students also can fully utilise our indoor and outdoor facilities such Netball, Street soccer, Rugby, Bowling, Futsal, Basketball and Extreme sports. UniKL also have. These sport and recreation have been taking care by the sports and recreation unit, in which:

  1. Organise and encourage competitions and sport activities to promote healthy lifestyle
  2. Develop, prepare and manage sports and recreational facilities for the satisfaction of the. students.
  3. Plan and organize sports and recreational programs in order to encourage student's involvement.
  4. Instill education values in sports and recreational activities to produce well rounded individual.


Student's Career Path

Student Affairs Department is capable of grant a complete run-through of the courses and options available as well as advise our students on the appropriate course to take based on theirs career ambitions and academic performance. Our counselors also handle enrollment and can provide other relevant information to do with fees, scholarships and campus facilities. They provide informal, friendly and confidential service to help students with any concerns. Besides that with the special care from our Centre for Professional & Continuing Education (CPCE). we create Teknopreneurship programme called ‘TeknoPutra' for students to make sure they well equipped on their future career path.

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