Calling for Capital Market Graduate Leadership Programme! Target audience: Graduating students of 2023 and alumni graduated in 2022. The CMGP Leadership Programme consists of a 1 month comprehensive and interactive formal learning followed by a 6-month on-the-job training with the respective CMGP partners within the capital market industry. CMGP trainees will not only be able to kickstart their career in capital market but will also receive RM2,000 during their 1-month formal learning and a minimum of RM2,400/month during their 6-months on-the-job placement. Subject to satisfactory job performance, trainees will be offered a permanent position with the Placement Company that they are attached to either upon completion of their 6-months on-the-job placement or earlier. Register before 19 May 2023 via For any inquiries, please email us at or reach to our helpdesk at 03-6204 8805.

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