Malam Apresiasi Graduan

Mark your calendar to attend the annual 'Malam Apresiasi Graduan', a night to celebrate UniKL graduates.

Alumni Reunion

UniKL MIAT UniKL MIAT Jalan Jenderam Hulu, Kampung Jenderam Hulu,, Sepang, ,Selangor

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Majlis Penutup Baiti Jannati Talk Series

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" Kahwin bukan setakat menjadi raja dan permaisuri sehari, kahwin untuk sama-sama sehidup semati sampai syurga nanti : Persediaan bagi mereka yang bakal menjadi suami dan isteri "

Alumni Fun and Fit 2.0 – Pre-Ramadhan Edition

Unversiti Kuala Lumpur 1016, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Select one

Alumni Fun & Fit 2.0 - Pre-Ramadhan Edition Ramadhan is approaching! 🔹What is the best food to take during Sahur and Iftar in Ramadhan? 🔹How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Ramadhan? JOIN US‼️ 🎥 Fun & Fit 2.0 - Pre-Ramadhan Edition 🗓 30 Mac 2022 (Wednesday) ⏰ 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm 📍 UniKL Page FB Live 🎉GHOCS provided! Time to become part of our global family. Visit for programmes of interest. #WeAreUniKL #UniKLDNA #UniKLMIIT #UniKLAlumni #HealthyNutrition #Zumba