UniKLXPRESS 📝 Why work in RAIL? – These graduates tell you 🚈 A job-guaranteeing course is hard to find. Choosing the right one for passion is even more challenging. But one thing is certain – the railway industry is receiving conspicuous attention around the world. In Malaysia alone, the future demand for skilled talents in the railway industry is projected to reach 25,000 by 2030. This field might be the best yet fresh pursuit for school leavers to consider. In recent years, things have started to change as Malaysia is in dire need of more homegrown and skilled railway specialists as well as technologists. This inspiration is being supported with fruitful policies and initiatives, which include the Railway System programme offered at UniKL Asia Rail Centre. For full story go to UniKL’s website:- 📲 https://ift.tt/5iXtfng #WeAreUniKL #UniversitiKualaLumpur #UniKL #UniKLMIDI #AsiaRailCentre #UniKLnProud #UniKLDNA #UniKLalumni #allplatform

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